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STMS Mobile Verified Sites & Practising Assessment

Fee for assessor $750 plus $1,000 for hire of TTM vehicles and equipment - total of $1,750.00. This is the practical assessment for an STMS who is going to be in charge of mobile operations (excluding mobile operations for installing TTM at static worksites). STMS Mobile verified sites and assessment are combined into a single assessment event.


Fee for assessor $750 plus $1,000 for hire of TTM vehicles and equipment.

If you are going to use your own TTM vehicle and equipment, click the TTM vehicle not required box when you register for the assessment. 

If you are supplying your own vehicles and signs, click here for the requirements. 

For the verified sites and assessment, you must complete 3 mobile operations. 

PART A: 2 worksites verified by a TTM Mentor or TTM Assessor

  • Undertaking a mobile operation (shadow vehicle not required) on the shoulder or berm of a category A road environment.
  • Undertaking a mobile operation (shadow vehicle required) on the shoulder or berm of a category B road environment.

PART B: 1 worksite observed by the TTM Assessor

  • Undertaking a mobile operation (shadow vehicle required) on the lane of a category A or B road environment.

Talk to us about training your TTM Mentors.


Get us to do the mentoring for you.

Assessment tasks to be completed for each worksite

For each worksite you will be required to complete the following tasks:

Before leaving the yard

  • Initial check of TMP
  • Carry out vehicle checks
  • Carry out equipment check

Get ready to start the mobile operation

  • Complete drive through of mobile route (if required)
  • Prepare for TTM crew briefing
  • Carry out TTM crew briefing

Complete mobile operation

  • Get underway
  • Complete the mobile operation
  • Complete monitoring

Disestablish the mobile operation

  • Brief crew on disestablishment procedure
  • Disestablish the mobile operation


  • Current STMS (M) -NP and
  • TC or TMO current or expired no more than 12 months; or
  • STMS practising of any category current or expired; or
  • STMS of any level current or expired.

Things to bring

Bring a Hi-vis garment, safety boots and safety glasses.

Also bring wet weather gear if there is a possibility of rain.

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